2022 Workshop

We completed a successful workshop this past summer in Tel Aviv for writers and actors. Watch the video to see highlights!

2023 Workshop

Our summer workshops this year featured Academy Award-winning director Daniel Roher (Navalny).
Rise of the Planet of the Apes/Brooke Lyndon-Stanford, Visual Effects

The Israel Film Incubator provides a nurturing environment for Israeli filmmakers who show exceptional promise.

We offer guidance, contacts, and funding to help move early-career filmmakers to the main stage. Our purpose is to elevate Israeli filmmaking from very good to world renown. We want you to lead the way.
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Who We Are

The Israel Film Incubator is a program of the Bernard and Sara Jacobs Institute for the Advancement of Israeli Film and Television, or JFI for short. The Institute was established in 2021 by veteran independent filmmaker Alan Jacobs in memory of his parents. Mr. Jacobs has recruited film industry professionals in the U.S., Europe, and in Israel to serve as board members, mentors, and network contacts.
The foundation is based in New York City and registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Our Partner Organizations

Israel Doc Forum

What We Offer

The Israel Film Incubator provides film grants, mentors, and introductions to a network of industry contacts. Our aim is to help talented Israeli filmmakers gain recognition on the international stage.
A $36,000 grant to produce a short film
Film industry veterans from the U.S.
Introductions to agents, managers, publicists, and buyers
Hotel Rwanda/Richard Pagano, Casting

Incubator Members

Each year, we will invite up to 10 exceptionally talented filmmakers to join the Israel Film Incubator. At least one film grant will be awarded to a member of our Incubator each year. All members will have access to mentors and industry contacts and may participate in our annual workshop in Israel.
Down for Life/Alan Jacobs, Director

The Shelby Award

We believe that filmmakers can demonstrate talent, gain essential experience, and expand their network just as well with a short film as a full-length feature. Each year we will offer the Shelby Award, a $36,000 grant to make a short film. The grant, named for American businessman and philanthropist Shelby Notkin, will be given to at least one member of our Incubator program.
Stranger Things/Brooke Lyndon-Stanford, Visual Effects

Incubator Workshop

Members of the incubator can participate in workshops in Tel Aviv led by a variety of mentors with expertise in casting, cinematography, editing, writing, music scoring, and physical production.

The focus will be on the creative collaboration between directors and their creative teams. The workshops are hands-on and practical with the aim of completing some “work” by the end of the day.
“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” --Confucious


We are film veterans who enjoy mentoring almost as much as we enjoy making films. Some of the mentors in the program will lead sessions at the annual workshop and all will be accessible to members. What follows is a partial list:

Paul Millspaugh


Credits: Girls Trip, Night School, and Kissing Booth. Member of A.C.E.

Lamont Ferrell

Executive Producer

Credits: House of Payne, Nothin’ But a Woman, and The Parent ‘Hood. Instructor at USC Film School. 

Brent Morris

Line Producer

Credits: over 50 feature films, including Monster with Charlize Theron and Too Old to Die Young, with Miles Teller. 

Rick Pagano

Casting Director

Credits: 80 feature films, including X-Men, and Hotel Rwanda, and over 20 series, including 24 and Altered Carbon. 

Brooke Lyndon-Stanford

Visual Effects

Credits:  Game of Thrones, Rocket Man, Stranger Things, and Mosquito Coast. 

Richard Marvin


Credits: Six Feet Under, The O.C., and Without a Trace. 

Daniel Roher

Documentary Director

Credits:  Navalny*, Once Were Brothers

*Academy Award for Best Documentary

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready... The teacher will disappear.”  ― Tao Te Ching


Members of The Incubator will have access to a wide array of industry professionals who can help develop and promote their careers, including agents, managers, publicists, entertainment attorneys, development execs, buyers, and festival directors.
“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
Stranger Things/Brooke Lyndon-Stanford, Visual Effects
  • Down for Life/Alan Jacobs, Director
  • X-Men: The Last Stand/Richard Pagano, Casting
  • Monster/Brent Morris, Producer
  • The Devil’s Rejects/Brent Morris, Producer
  • Bad Boys for Life/Brooke Lyndon-Stanford, Visual Effects
  • Frank/Brent Morris, Producer
  • Frank/Brent Morris, Producer

Who Should Apply

We plan to admit 5-10 new filmmakers to the program each year, based on their talent, commitment, character, and imagination. Where you are in your career is also important. The program is designed for filmmakers who recently launched their careers, perhaps with a film degree or a movie that received some notice at festivals. We believe there is a five-year window in which the Film Incubator can make a difference. The program is open to all citizens of Israel, regardless of current residence.


The single most important quality we are seeking in a filmmaker is imagination.
Technical knowledge and experience can be acquired, but imagination is that rare force that catapults a work to another level and opens our eyes to new perspectives. Show us a film you’ve directed and a script for a short film you want to direct. Tell us your vision for the short film and your production plan.
Frank / Brent Morris, Producer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Right here on this site. The application is to join the Incubator Program.
What happens next?
Up to ten applicants will be invited to join and at least one of them will be awarded a film grant.
Who is eligible?
The program is designed for filmmakers who recently launched their careers. Any citizen of Israel, regardless of current residence, is eligible.
What is the application timetable?
Applications must be submitted by December 1. Applicants will be notified in January.
What about documentaries?
We love them. We plan to include documentary filmmakers in the Incubator in the near future.
Who reviews the applications?
The Board of Advisors, consisting of film industry professionals from the U.S., Israel, and Europe.
Are there any costs involved?
There is a one-time application fee of $36. Those chosen for the program will pay an annual membership fee of $72, which includes attendance at the workshop.
Who can attend the workshop?
The workshops are run as a Master Class. Therefore, participants must have some training and experience in the cinema arts. Click here for details and application instructions for the workshop.
Are my intellectual property rights protected?
Yes. To insure your protection, we recommend that you register creative works for copyright protection prior to submission. This includes treatments, screenplays, and completed films.
How do you make money?
We don't. We are a non-profit organization.
Who are your backers?
JFI was established through the generosity of the late Bernard and Sara Jacobs. It is supported by donors in the U.S. and in Israel, and by revenue generated through operations.
When can I apply for the Incubator program?
We have not officially launched the incubator program. Check back here for announcements.
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